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The brain needs a workout as much muscular bodies. Maybe more. For brain training is not necessary to solve math problems or boring monotonous solve crossword puzzles. Exercise can be fun and exciting. To the brain is not "rusty" and created logic games. The genre is an old one. One can even say that the logic games were the first. This is understandable - because puzzles graphics are not the main thing, the main thing - make think. Today on gaming sites online game logic are very wide. And as always, they are in demand. After all, not everyone likes noisy shootout crazy race or air battles. For many, great fun, quiet happiness - play games online for free logic. Free - this is a very important point. Each game passes only once - to unravel the mystery is no longer a mystery. And pay for it irrationally. Puzzle games can be divided into three groups - graphics, mathematical and board. Graphic - is different mazes, assembly line, games like tetris, puzzles. In this group, there is a very entertaining game, with three-dimensional graphics. The graphical there are quite a lot of good, bright and healthy children's puzzles. Your baby can play puzzle games for free, while developing logic, intelligence and motor skills. The second group - a mathematical puzzle. Among them is quite complex, which will have to sit out over many hours, before you find the right solution. The most common in this group are well-known and much loved puzzle. Sudoku or magic square - an ancient Japanese game that requires logical thinking and of remarkable mathematical knowledge. Games - is different solitaire games, chess games, backgammon and others like them. Much love enjoy solitaire. Solitaire - employment exceptionally exciting and surprisingly soothing. Lovers of puzzle games to play online for free solitaire deserve great respect. We should distinguish logic games for girls. They are the most colorful and surprisingly good. Girls are invited to save a princess or withdraw from the labyrinth of small stray bear. By logic games often include quests, quests though - is an independent category of games. With logic they have in common is that in quests also have to solve the sometimes quite complex puzzles, without which the transition to the next level is not possible.

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